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Unit 2.1 - The Basic Rules of In-text Citations


A common question  many students have is "How do I include a quote in my essay?"


You have begun drafting your paper and you are including information from other texts. This information might include quotes, paraphrases, facts, statistics or evidence. Using this material in your essay requires that you acknowledge the source of the information. This acknowledgement is known as "in-text" or "parenthetical" citations.


You are not expected to memorize everything here. However, after reviewing this material, you should be able to do the following:


1) answer the questions "What is a signal phrase?" and "What is a parenthetical reference?"

2) explain why it is important to cite information properly in your essay

3) demonstrate how to cite a source used within your essay.


Read the material in the following links and watch the short videos below.

1) MLA In-text Citations
at Bedford/St. Martin's Research and Documentation Online

2) Answer the questions on this quiz from the University of Illinois - Springfield. Conduct an internet search to find the correct answers if necessary.


Click here for a helpful quick guide for in-text citations from Kirkwood Community Collegey Library Services (Cedar Rapids, IA).


Basics of Citing, MLA 1 of 3.




Basics of Citing, MLA 2 of 3 - In-text Citations.




 Basics of Citing, MLA 3 of 3 - In-text Citations.





DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.