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Environmental Science Homework Assignments 

1) Mandatory: Each Week: a. Choose ONE question to answer from Environmental Science “Thinking Environmentally” from 1 of the 2 chapters each student is required to read weekly.  b. Include your name and date on each paper. c. Include the chapter and # of the question you choose to answer. d. The paper shall be at least 1-2 page(s) long, 1 inch margins, double-spaced using Times New Roman 12 font  e. Proper grammar, spelling, and insightful answers expected. 

2) End of Semester PowerPoint Presentation a.  Presented in groups of 3-4 students b. Choose and investigate a topic of interest early in the semester and begin to prepare to present.  c. Library research is MANDATORY.  i. Time will be provided before class is let out, however teams are also responsible to use the library when researching the topic for the group presentation. d. All students are expected to be in class to see the presentations of the other groups (no leaving early). Plan Ahead! 

3) Newspaper articles a. Clip out pertaining to environmental issues and plan to discuss the topic briefly. b. This is not a weekly requirement but, if the article and your discussion are satisfactory, it may be used for extra credit (teacher’s discretion). 

4) DATE TO BE DETERMINED Volunteer Research for local conservation / environmental groups a. We will be volunteering and doing research for local conservation/environmental groups.  b. We normally go out on a Saturday for ½ a day.  c. This counts as a quiz grade. I will provide more information in class.

5) Links to Policies Covering Three Rivers Community College( Student handbook) a. Please ensure that you are familiar with and follow the student’s handbook regarding attendance, plagiarism, student behavior and the like. This information can be found at: http://www.trcc.commnet.edu/Gen_Info/PolicyLinks.htm b. Plagiarism is NOT tolerated.  

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.