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Hayle Clark

Environmental Seminars

March 10, 2015






     Dr. Beth Wade is a post doctorate in the Department of Biology from the University of Connecticut. He went to Harvard when she got her Master’s Degree in 2006. 8 years later when finished getting her PhD from the University of Connecticut. Dr. Wade has many published journals and she has studied the biological changes in insects. When also studies the bio-evolution on insects. This means that she looks at the genetics to see where the species may have come from. She also look at them to see where they will be going in the future. She has a passion look at different types of insects.

            Her work in the study of insects is important because it helps people understand the biological processes like ecology, genetics, biochemistry, and cell biology. Another man reason that people study insects is that they are so diverse in this world. Insects in this world make up 50% of the species that we can name. Science has shown that there are 5,513 described mammals which is small compared to the 1,000,000 insects that we can describe. Insects is one of the most important fields to do research studies in. Insects are very diverse and they play an important role in our environment. Not only are they good for the environment, but they are also part of the food chain for humans and other animals.

            Insects play a key role in plants and pollination. They also provide as food fro insectivores. In some places it depends on where and what type of insects are located there that bring on the certain types of plants, animals and even humans that live in that location. In some of the cultures in this world, they need the insects as a food source. Also some of the cultures and people don’t use the insects just for food, they also use them for commercial materials. They use the honeybees to make honey, silkworms to make silk, bees for beeswax used in some products, and much more. These types of insects can be ever helpful for many of the products that humans use today.

            Bees are one of the most important insects we have today. Bees are said to pollinate about 30% of the food that we have in the United States. Honeybees is an important type of bee because they produce tons of dollars from the commercial sales of honey. The study of these insects is important to humans because we can see their behaviors, and what they need to stay alive. This can show humans that they are very beneficial to our economy, so that when the number of bees decrease people will be able to take notice that they are decreasing. The pesticides that people are using on their lawns is a big problem for the decreasing amount of bees because it gets into their system causing viruses and bacteria problems. Most of all the endangered species of insects we have in Connecticut is due to the human impact on the environment.

            Insects play an important role on the environment. They are such an interesting topic for people to study in today’s world. Insects provide a key component to the genetic understand and can help us to understand more about them. Dr. Wade and the research is does is a large goal in the understanding of the world’s insects. This field will never run out of the need for people to research them. This research she does can also be a way to educate people in the community more about the importance of insects.

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