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Hayle Clark

Environment Seminars

March 4, 2015




















     Bob Cerlin is an artist, musician, author, songwriter, amateur astronomer, and dark skies activist.  Bob Cerlin never attend college, but most of the work he does is proven by example that with the passion he has for what he does, he is able to accomplish anything that he is given. Bob Cerlin spends most of his time educating the community about the beauty of seeing the stars at night. He also tells them about the effects of the excessive electric lighting side effects. He shares all of this knowledge with schools, the community, and state government officials that have an impact on the way we look at light. His passion is what influences the way that he teaches his work to many different people.

            Thomas Edison was the one who came up with the invention of the first electric light bulb. His thought behind creating the electric light bulb was to have a daytime environment even at night. During his time the main type of electric light bulbs used were called the arc lamps. These types of lamps were used to light up entire streets of with light, but these lamps used up a lot of energy. As time went on street lamps became a bigger and bigger idea which was sweeping the nation. In today’s world there are many different types of street lamps for people to use, but the lighting from the lamps have many positive and negative effects on the environment. Not only is the lighting from street lamps not good for the environment, but it is just as bad on the human eyes.

            The human eye is designed to work with the light of the day and night and when you add street lights into the view of the human eyes it makes it see night differently. Some of the street light that people are using are close to or as bright as the sun is during the day. There are of the new street lights that do not do this, but for the most the street lights are there to make the night look like the day which confuses the human eyes. The human eye sees light in different levels and it has to adjust to the artificial light which is main problem with street lights which is known as a glare. The glare is a big deal when people are driving at night because it hard for them to see where they are going. The outdoor lighting that business and people use outside their homes is a huge waste of energy and it is bad environmental impact. Businesses are one of the biggest consumers of these street lights because they want their customers to see their business at night so they be attracting to come and buy something from them. All of these outdoor lighting fixtures have a huge impact of light pollution which blocks out the stars in the night sky. The reason there is so much light pollution in the environment today is because people are not educated about light pollution. The more people that can be educated about the effects of light pollution on the environment the more solutions we can come up with to fix these problems.

            Coming to a solution for light pollution will help every in the long run. One of the solution that would work to help with light pollution is to shield all of the light fixtures. In the long run you will not be giving off as much light, so for companies who are paying you will be saving energy which will save you money. Shielding the light fixtures will allow for more needed wattage to be used because you are not allowing as much light to be wasted. Car dealerships, restaurants, and many big business are the source of most of the light pollution and they are ones who spend tons of dollars on electricity year from there lighting fixtures. If all of these people where to shield all of there lights, then the light pollution be lowered allowing the community around them to have a better night sky and they would be able to see the stars better.

            In the state of Connecticut they have passed certain laws about street lights. One of the laws that they have passed in 2001 is that all street lights need to be changed to the proper street light fixtures that will shield the light. Even though this law came into effect in 2001, companies didn’t need to change the light fixtures until they needed to be replaced and then they had to use the shield light fixtures. Another big problem that people have are the flood lights because they are so bright that we light up everything, like neighbor’s homes, and large areas. In 2003 they passed another law saying that all of the floods lights need to shield to not shine in neighbor’s yards and homes. The people who work at businesses have more people happy with them when they shield there street light because it contains the light into one area, not bothering them. Bob Cerlin is an author of many different books, some of which are called “Faces of the Moon” and “There Once was a Sky Full of Stars.” These books can show kids about what is in the sky and how we need to keep light pollution out of the sky to see the moon and the stars. If we keep polluting are environment with light pollution then the future generation, might never be able to see the stars.



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