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Hayle Clark

Environmental Seminars

February 15, 2015



















     Chip Osborne is the founder of Osborne Organics LLC. He is been part of the professional turf landscape management program for years. He is management for 11 national parks which all are part of the organic methods. He wants this world to de dependent on non-chemically produced lawn and garden care. He is a member of the New England Organic Farming Association. Chip Osborne wants the world to become a more organic world. His main goal is to spread the word about his company Osborne Organics all over. This is a new way of treating the lawns, plants, and more without using any of the harmful chemicals.  

            All Americans have been using chemically produced products for many years without caring about the harmful effects that they contribute to the environment. Since 1990’s farmers have been using pesticides and insecticides to breed the soy and corn they grow so it would not be eaten by insects and it wasn’t affected by weed killer. They use this process to produce more yield of crops per year. Over the last 8 years the use of pesticides has tripled because of the increase in not knowing how harmful it is. There are many negative effect to using chemicals. One the negative effects is that is changes the genetic makeup of the food. All of the chemicals that are being used don’t just have a negative effect on the products they are being used on, but they also have an effect on several different water ways. An example would be the effects seen in the Mississippi river because the chemicals are being washed into the river. There are some counties who have seen many of the effects that the chemicals can cause, so some of the pesticides have been banned from being used at all.

            Not only does the pesticides and chemicals have an effect on the environment, but it can also be harmful to the human beings that are eaten this food with chemicals inside. The chemicals that are added into the food we eat can lead to illnesses in some humans. The main reason for chemicals not being tested as hazardous is because of the testing that is being done is from the companies who are using the chemicals to better the growth of their food. These companies are the ones who tell the public if it is safe or not to eat. These test on done to protect the environment or the health of human beings. These test are given to the EPA, but for the most part they are taking the word of the companies and testing the products or chemicals for themselves.

            Chip Osborne himself has been using pesticides for 20 years in the use of the work he does and it has shown him all of the negative effects there can be. Ever since doing this study for 20 years, he has realized that there needs to be alternative ways of doing the same job. He realized when doing this that almost all of the places he goes and works for are all using chemical pesticides. This shows him and this world that we are dependent on the chemicals to help us. In North America people use different chemicals for different issues. This is how we manage our grass and turf. Chip Osborne’s company is trying to find alternative ways to develop natural and organic lawn and turf management. For this he needs to know the basic understanding of the critical soil biology, and he needs to figure out what the best way to yield is in the type of soil he has. This process will use organic products to revise cultural practices in how to water, cut and aerate the soil.  They will also use organic and natural products to kill the weeds and insects.

            This process that Chip Osborne has been working on is being used more and he is asking consumers to use less toxic chemicals. In most of the Connecticut elementary and middle schools, they have been told that they are not allowed to use pesticides on school grounds. Chip Osborne’s way doesn’t try and treat the symptoms of the chemicals, but it would solve the problems all together. The motivation behind the change from pesticides to organic care is to help save the quality of lawns. This is allow for more native plants to grow and that will decrease the amount of water needed for the plants to grow. All of this is being improved to the methods found at Osborne Organics. The work that has been done by Chip Osborne and Osborne Organics is helping to change the way consumers do their lawn care. In the future you will be able to see an increase in the use of products produced by Osborne Organics.



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