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Career portfolio

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Part 2- b and c


            Being successful means a great deal to me. In my opinion one can not get someone afterwards without some form of succession in their life. So, in my case I have to be successful with my art work and school work to actually consider myself as being successful. I would also consider being successful for someone who has a well-paying job, and not having to worry about a great deal of things. However, for my age being successful means just being able to get through school at the moment.



            My goals for the next five years are sorted out in categories for each year. So, in one year I plan to have passed my first year of college and further my growth in digital art. Two years from now, I plan on graduating from three rivers as well as starting to learn the basics of animation. Three years from now I plan on starting school at eastern and possibly starting some minor animations. Four years from now I plan on graduating from eastern and possibly starting an internship for my choice of a career. Then five years from now I plan on having a well-paying job in my choice of a career.



            There are quiet a few things that motivate me. What motivates me ranges from music to setting goals out for myself. Music motivates me by producing ideas for drawings in my head when I can’t think of anything to draw. While setting goals for myself motivates me to try and get things done before the deadline that I have set for myself. So, what motivates me is the goals is set for myself and music on some occasions.



            Some values of my personal character is my artistic ability and my ideas. My artist ability will help me in my future career by being able to create interesting characters to use in an animation of some sort. It will also help with effects like light sources and shadows to create depth in an animation. My ideas will also help create interesting animation choices; or it will help with changing around some other ideas to make them flow better. 



            How I manage my time for my academic work pretty much set. Theirs not much I could do to improve it because I dedicate most of my time to my academics. However, I could improve it slightly by taking away any sort of distractions from me. By taking those distractions away I could probably finish my work an hour earlier or so.




            For my career choice I am self-aware of what skills I need and what type of degree I need. For an animator the degree that’s most desired for when applying to a place is a bachelors degree, but a few places only require an associate degree. The skills that are normally looked for are the knowledges of the software that are used. Art skills are an extra skill that most don’t need unless going for a specific job in the career, like the storyboard creator.



            My possible choices for my career are the character designers, storyboard creator, or an animator. the character designer is the person who designs the characters and their reference sheets for the movie/animation. The storyboard creator lays out the scenes on what is suppose to occur throughout the animation. While, the animator is the person who animates the scene by making it come to life on screen.



            The career choice that fits me best right is the character designer or storyboard creator. The reason behind this is because I have experience in making storyboards from designing pages for a few comics. I also have experience in designing characters and character reference sheets, which in my opinion is not that hard to do. On the other hand, my other career choice for being an animator isn’t that much of a best fit, because I have very little experience in animating things besides doing a few walk cycles.



            To gain entry into my career choice I need to have knowledge of the software that is used and to most likely have a bachelors degree. My knowledge so far for software’s goes to the adobe software’s. I am just starting to learn how to use them but by the end of college I should have a good understanding on how to use the software’s.


                For my choice of career, multimedia artist, the skills I’m required to have Is good listening abilities, problem solving abilities, and talking to people about changing their minds for ideas they have. Having artistic abilities is not official required, but it does help considering the career. However, the skills that are needed are quiet basic ones. Being able to listen to other people ideas isn’t that hard of skill to have unless that person’s ideas are just awful; which if the person idea is bad, being able to change their minds about it is one of the other skills required for the career. Being able to solve problems and look for another way to do something Is the last skill required; so, being able to work on things in a short amount of time and producing a good outcome on the job is a way to being able to solve problems. The future market for this career though is at an average level.

            The future market outlook for this career is at an average level. So, their will be new job opportunities most likely to appear. This outlook is on the national outlook. For the state of Connecticut though there is an above average opportunity. This outlook will provide more of an opportunity once I’ve graduated, because of the above average outlook in Connecticut. What I can do to make myself more marketable for this career is to improve my artist skills and to learn more about the software’s that are used.

            By improving my artist skills and by learning the software’s that are frequently used will make myself more marketable for my future career. My career choices, storyboard creator, character designer, and or animator, require some sort of artistic ability. While, being able to use the software’s when animating a scene is a necessary skill to have, so that one doesn’t have to be taught the skills or be trained. 

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Part 3

The first person I talked to, my mother, believes that I can do good in the position of the career I’ve chosen. She believes that I will excel well in this career choice of mine as long as I start to draw more then just my characters that are cats; which in my deference I do draw more then just them, for I am trying to expand my drawing skills further. On the other hand, she does see potential in me being an animal cop because of my opinions on how animals should be treated. What she told me I don’t totally agree with, but I do value what she says. What she told me has given me an insight that I need to work more on expanding my art skills so that I’m prepared to draw anything further on for my choice of career.


The second person, my father, believes that I can succeed in my career choice as long as I figure out how to use the software’s and programs that are needed. What he says is important because these programs are important to figure out how to use, unless one wants to go old school and use paper and a light table; which if one used those it would take longer than using the programs.


The last person I asked, which was my Grandma, believe that I would do good in this career because of my artistic abilities. She believes that my artistic abilities will make it so I will succeed far in this career choice of mine, and if I were to make anything I could include snowmen in them just for her. My artistic ability is important just as she says for this career; my ability in making characters and backgrounds will help make a good portfolio when apply for a job.

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Part 4

Rachael Burton

First Year Experience

Kelly Richmond

31 October 2017

Educational plan

            As I go through college, I decided to pursue graphic design as my degree. I plan to get my associate degree in graphic design at Three Rivers Community College and then get my bachelor’s degree at Eastern. Graphic design is not the career of my choice, but the career I’ve decided to pursue does fall into the same category as graphic design. My choice of a career is animation or videogame design. With pursuing the graphic design associate degree, I might as well purse the graphic and communication arts certificate; I decided this because most of the credits required for my degree also falls in as some of the credits for the certificate, and the certificate would help alongside the associate degree to land a job while I go for my bachelors.

            Out of the courses the mass communication course seems like it’s going to be the most difficult because its going to be online. The reason why I believe this will be the most difficult is because I have never taken an online class before. I’m not sure whether or not it’s a website I go to for the class or if I’m given a code to access the class like some text books are. For my remaining courses I believe that my art credit, which I plan on taking drawing, will be the least difficult. I believe this because throughout high school I had taken all the art classes that one could take as well as done many art pieces at home; I’m also rehearsed in all types of mediums, ranging from digital art, clay, paint and ink, so I am capable of using any sort of medium without learning something new.

            How I have grouped my classes together has made it capable for me to get my associate degree in two years. I have also planned my schedule out so that I am taking all the pre-requisitions first so that I will be able to take the other classes later on. The classes that require the pre-requisitions I plan on taking during my third and fourth semester at Three Rivers Community College.  For the classes that are not really related to my degree choice even though I’m required to take them, like math and English, I have decided to try and take first so that I can get them over with and get to the courses that I feel are more important to my degree.

            For this educational plan assignment, I’d have to say the most challenging part was trying to meet with my advisor. The reason to this was that my advisor only schedules appointments on Monday and Wednesday; which in my case I work those days most of the time. Luckily last week I wasn’t working Wednesday so I was able to schedule an appoint then. The least challenging part of this assignment, I’d have to say, was typing this essay and printing out my course schedule. I have to say this because for my course schedule all I had to do was look it up and then print it out, and then typing this essay was only just answering a few questions and explaining why. The only difficult part of the essay was trying to get it to two to three pages because there were not many questions to answer to make the paper to the right length. 

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Part 5

Rachael Burton



Three Rivers Community College                                                      August 2017- May 2019

     Plan of study- Graphic Design


Ledyard High School                                                                          August 2013- June 2017

     National Art Honor Society member


McQuade Market                                                                                June 2017- present

Part-time florist

  • Made arrangements and bouquets
  • Interacted with customers to make reasonable arrangements

Online Digital artist                                                                            December 2016- present

  • Create art pieces for customers
    • Create character reference sheet for customers


National Art Honor Society                                                                December 2016- June 2017

Create art pieces to donate to organizations,

and to increase funds in the art department



  • Acrylic paint
  • Charcoal
  • Graphite
  • Water color pencils
  • Digital media
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Part 6

Rachael Burton

First Year Experience

Kelly Richmond

10 December 2017

Career Portfolio Paper

            Upon my research, the research of a multimedia artist, I had found quiet a bit of information I did not know prior about. For instance, I did not know that multimedia artists field choices range from more than just an animator, but also to 3D modelers, storyboard creators, stop motion animator and so on. This minor information I found showed me how many options one can do instead of just being an animator. I also learned from this experience of research that depending on the state you live in will change the amount of income one makes in the categories of a multimedia artist. For example, a storyboard creator can make up to 100,000 dollars if they live in California, but if they live in a different area they could only make up to 60,000. This also changes for each company one works for. Though this was not the only information that had discovered that had opened up new options for me.

            These little bits of research that I found opened up new choices for me, for my skill levels may fall better into different job choices in this field then an animator. With my skills being artistic, a problem solver and so on and not much on the technical side; my choice of career is veering towards a storyboard creator instead because of my skills. My main skill of being artistic is what’s driving me towards this field choice because storyboard artists are required to have a form of artistic abilities so that they can design the frames of how an animator will come out. My other skills will just help me figure things out and how one of the frames should be set up. Things I’ve learned throughout college though will also play a role in helping me in my future career; for one of the biggest parts of a multimedia artist is being able to manage one’s time. College will help with this because I’ve been having to change things around and manage my time better so that I’m able to complete assignments on time and to have time to study. For a multimedia artist though, one has to manage their time wisely so that they can finish their work before a deadline is due. Overall though, this research has really expanded what I had originally known about animator or multimedia artists.
            The researching of this career has really expanded the knowledge I knew of this career prior to doing this. Discovering the information on their being more then just a career in animation for multimedia artist really blew my mind. With having originally believed that storyboard artist and character creators were a whole different career choice and field. This research showed me that these fields also lie in the career track of a multimedia artist; this research also showed me how much a multimedia artist make yearly and hourly; it showed that multimedia artists made 60,000 a year and about 31.00 an hour. The research also gave an insight on what I need to improve before filling my portfolio up to go for a job. It told me that I need to further my knowledge on animations; I need to start learning the basics and fundamentals of it, and learn how to set each frame up and what layers needed to be seen and done first. This information from the research has helped me greatly in finding what I will need to get into the career of my choice, the career of a multimedia artist.

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